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Product Recycling Services

Dealing with electronic waste is a concern for industry and society. E- Waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams so it is important that our products are treated recycled at its end of life. 

What is old to you could be a welcome opportunity to someone else! Some older products can still be put to good use to extend its life. Many charities, community programs and schools are in need of used electronic equipment, consider donating or selling your used electronics to them before recycling your old products. Check with those organizations if they accept working and/or non-working products. If your product is not working, find out if it can it be repaired to extend its life. If the answer is no, then proper recycling is your next best alternative.

mophie has labeled its branded electronic products with the WEEE  'Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment') symbol to alert our customers that products bearing this label should not disposed in a landfill or with municipal or household waste. 

We recycle used products, batteries and related packaging materials in accordance with all environmental laws. For detailed information on how to properly recycle mophie products, please select a recycling service from the list below.

Country WEEE Batteries Packaging
Austria Interseroh - Interseroh
Belgium Recupel - -
Cyprus Electrocyclosis Afis Green dot Cyprus
Denmark* Elretur - -
Estonia EES Ringlus EES Ringlus Pakendiringlus
Finland Elker Oy - Pyr
France - Screlec -
Germany Stiftung EAR GRS DSD
Greece Appliances Recycling Afis -
Ireland ERP Ireland ERP Ireland -
Italy ERP Italy ERP Italy -
Portugal ERP Portugal ERP Portugal -
Romania Ecotic Ecotic -
Sweden El Kretsen El Kretsen FTI
Switzerland Swico Inobat -
The Netherlands Wecycle Stibat -
UK Valpak - -

Elektrisk og elektronisk udstyr (EEE) indeholder materialer, komponenter og stoffer, der kan være farlige og skadelige for menneskers sundhed og for miljøet, når affaldet af elektrisk og elektronisk udstyr (WEEE) ikke bortskaffes korrekt.
Produkter, der er mærket med nedenstående "overkrydsede skraldespand", er elektrisk og elektronisk udstyr. Den krydsede skraldespand symboliserer, at affald af elektrisk og elektronisk udstyr ikke må bortskaffes sammen med usorteret husholdningsaffald, men skal indsamles særskilt.
Til dette formål har alle kommuner etableret indsamlingsordninger, hvor affald af elektrisk og elektronisk udstyr gratis kan afleveres af borgerne på genbrugsstationer eller andre indsamlingssteder eller hentes direkte fra husholdningerne. Nærmere information skal indhentes hos kommunens tekniske forvaltning
Derudover skal produkterne mærkes med følgende piktogram (standarden DS/EN 50419.):